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Friday, April 24, 2009

Tag Dari Siz Anna



Name 5 people you can think of right off the top of your head.Don't read the questions until you write the names of the 5 people.No cheating please!

Question 1:How do you meet 1?
=kat skola renda

Question 2:On the scale 1-10,how you rate your relationship with 1?
=9 kowt

Question 3:How long have you known 4?
=1 taon 4 bulan 24 ari

Question 4:How do you know no 3?
=mse skola menengah

Question 5:Where 5?
=kat umah die ar

Question 6:A fact about no 1?
=se0wg yg c0mey,baik

Question 7:Who is no 4 going out with?
=frenz kowt

Question 8:What does no 1 do for living?
=cpai cite2 kowt

Question 9:Would you live with no 3?
=yup kowt

Question 10:What do you like about no 2?
=ape erk??

Question 11:Do you miss no 5?
=nope c0z ari2 jumpe kat skola

Question 12:Would you make up with no 4?
=nope kowt

Question 13:What's your opinion of no 2?
=ganas cket owgnye

Question 14:What is your favourite memory with no 5?
=mse pegi english camp taon lpas

Question 15:What would you do if no 1 going out with no 2?
=dorg x knal each other la

Question 16:Ever had a long conversation with no 5?

Question 17:Have you ever slept at no 2's house?

Question 18:Do you hang out with no 3 often?
=x..kadang2 je

Question 19:Who do you known the longest?
=farahani la

Question 20:How often you talk with no 1?
=da jarang ar ckap ngan die..da lame x jumpe

Question 21:What about no 2?
=slalu..da ari2 jumpe kat skola except sabtu ahad k

Question 22:Have you ever thought 3 more than a friend?

Question 23:May be you want to go out for a date with no 5?
=nope jugk

Question 24:Do you drean about no 2?
=x penah ouh

Question 25:What did no 4 did to you that you never forget?
=x de kowt

Question 26:What have you done to no 1 that he/she never forget?
=ape erk?tnye kat fara sendri ar

Question 27:What is no 3's hobby?
=tido kowt =)

Who do you want to tag?
+spe2 je

Lgy 1 nnty ar..

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